1.  Does using a cartridge produced by a company other than the original OEM void that equipments warranty? 

No.  Using a compatible cartridge in your printer will not automatically void the warranty.  Cartridges are consumer replaceable units and all consumers are protected by federal law through the Magnusson-Moss act.

2.  How many copies will a cartridge produce?

Performance of a specific cartridge will depend on the amount of toner coverage required for any printed page.  For example, when printing full-page graphics, you will constantly receive fewer pages per cartridge than if you were printing text only, such as a typical business letter.  This is true regardless of the manufacturer of the cartridge.  In any event, Dr. Toner, Inc. compatible cartridges will meet or exceed the number of pages printed as the original equipment cartridges using identical performance characteristics.

3.  Why should I buy a cartridge that contains new and recycled materials versus a "newly built" product?

Even OEM products contain some recycled materials.  Use of recycled materials is not the determining factor for product quality and performance.  How the product is designed, the quality of the parts selected, the production process, and the ongoing quality assurance programs determines quality.  For example, Dr. Toner, Inc has chosen to re-use the plastic housing or shell because it is not a critically important part relative to print quality or performance.  Since it is reusable, it also saves valuable landfill space,  thus insuring our part in helping to save our planets valuable resources.

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All recycled cartridges are broken down and each part is closely inspected to see if they meet remanufacturing guidelines.  If a cartridges shell or part is determined to be at the end of its life, it's then melted down to be used as recycled plastic material for future composite manufacturing.  All excess toner is donated to asphalt companies where it is used in road pavement.
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